Here is a playlist of my messages from different books of the Bible in the acronym method that the Lord through the Spirit of God gave me when I sat down with an open Bible ready to sweat buckets in Bible Meditation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2z1uBimIneyHTGbbSLPfVnWV84Oeepub (35 different bible book summarized - videos in different length in different locations with different video/audio clarity). What is this acronym method? Let me illustrate: the name of the book will be used as an acronym for its message - for eg. Jonah book's message was summarized using the acronym j-o-n-a-h, as I did in the Fountain of Tears Against Mountain of Fears Fasting Prayer at our base on 24 Nov 2018) Many of these messages were shared in homes to small groups of people from different walks of life. May God bless each of those precious families who were willing to open their homes as a venue for the unhurried teaching of the Word of God. God willing, before the Lord returns or before I go home to be with the Lord, I will bring out a book that summarizes the message of each Bible book through this method (HOOKED TO EACH BOOK OF THE BOOK/THE SIXTY-SIX FIX, could be the title) and high quality videos using this Bible Study method for each Bible book! In fact, I have brought one 'acronym' study from every book of the Bible already in different venues - the home of the Daniels/our rented base/other homes - over a period of seven years (2007-14) at the rate of one Bible book summary study per month at the average of 10 such Bible Studies per year (Why only 10 Studies instead of 12 per year? February month would be a Valentine Season Special Bible Study and December would be a Christmas Special Bible Study, usually!). I was inspired to teach from each book of the Bible by Rev. Dr. Jacob Cherian, my teacher in Southern Asia Bible College where I was a full-time student (1998-2001) doing my M. Div. Does not the Word say: ALL Scripture is God-breathed and is useful (2 Tim. 3:16)? If ALL Scripture is God-breathed and useful why aren't making sure we read and grasp, read and follow, read and transfer to the travelling Ethoipian Eunuchs in our lives, the messages from ALL Bible-books?

    Note: Some of you are saying, "Thank God I did not sit in Duke's 1/2 Thessalonians Bible Study in this series. That would have been very long!!!":):). Thank God for the presence of my wife in many of these studies, I was forced to KISS - Keep It Short & Sweet - as much as possible.

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