• The next issue of our mag that wraps Bible Truth around contemporary events is out.

    What's inside? P3 Over-Choosy When It Comes To Life Partner Choice?
    P5 Whom Shall I Send For The Ministry of Christian Counselling?
    P10 How I Witnessed A Miracle When I Left Matters To Him After Prayer (Story of a Medical Doctor Who Received a Miracle Baby after 17 Years of Marriage)!
    P14 The Family Gang That Chose To Hang
    P14 The IPL11 Final Watson of Horrible Starts
    P15 Duke Answers Questions of a Corporate Company
    P17 I Was Rejected
    P18 France's Sublimation
    P19 Jesus Life in 188 Tweets
    P20 From Russia, Fresh-aa
    P21 Karunanidhi As A Kid Inspires You(th)
    p22 Ministry Report With Pictures
    P27 Bible Truth Wrapped Around Cricket/Tennis/Football News
    P28 Healing Truth Meditation from the Words of the Roman Centurion
    P29 Crucifying the Main Reason Why Christ Crucified For....
    P31 When Scripture Directed Conscience Pricks When Watching Netflix
    P32 When God Pruned A Chennai Boy in Pune
    P33 Her Hair Was Pink. What She Wrote Made Us Think. But...
    P34 Truth About False Teachers
    P36 Savitri's Search For Serenity Isn't A Solo Search You can read the magazine online by follow this link: https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=https%3A%2F%2Fpagevamp-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com%2F389101304496080%2Fpdfs%2F1543273081-issue-38-final-web.pdf
    . God bless Eugene Pandian for his [path-breaking and pain-staking design efforts (He designed the mag from cover to cover). Hepsi Arpan and Lima Eugene helped with the editing and major error check. My family's cooperation during the two months (with frequent breaks to travel and preach) that I took to prepare this issue was commendable. To subscribe for this issue and two other old issues (3 mag issues in total), the price is Rs.200/- (When you sent the money [www.dukev.org/about link for bank details] and your address via 8886040605 (Whatsapp/SMS), then you will be sent the three issues immediately). Thank you!!

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