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    Students from all over Telangana and some parts of AP start to trickle into the room in St Mary’s Engg College where I led the day 3 workshop on overcoming addictions - Porn addiction, Phone addiction etc - on 13 Jan. The students get to choose which workshop to attend. Pretty soon the room was crammed and I had move my handycam stand to the stage behind my head so that more students could sit. Eventually we had people sitting even on the stage! What hunger to hear brutally frank practical Bible teaching wrapped around contemporary events (that what they get in our meetings) on topics that deeply concern the Google Generation! God blessed the session! Powerful time of commitment! So proud of UESI and its hardworking team which put together this awesome camp! We at G4 Mission show that we not just inter-church but also inter-organisational by working with other organisations working among youth/Google Gen!

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