Had the joy of giving our Bubbly/Dhoni tract to a manager with a Indian Corporate company today as we waited in a Train Station. When he started reading it inytently, I fished out a brand new, New Testament and gave it to him. "What you are reading is my summary of this book which presents the full story. This book has brought so much peace into my life!" - I told him. He happily took it. We are either SOWING the gospel or becoming like the SOW (pig). "A pig returns to its vomit..." - is a phrase used by Apostle Peter to describe a backslider's life. Andrew Murray said, "You are either a soulwinner or a backslider! You are either bringing someone into Christ's presence or going out from his presence yourself!" Also in the train journey, joined by my son, we could give the Gospel in printed form to a few others spread in different bogies. - Duke Jeyaraj

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