On 26/11 we remember the terror attack that brought India to a standstill and stop to salute the great martyrs who fearlessly fought .... the year was 2008... just a few days later in the month of December of the same year I was asked to share the Gospel to people from different faiths INSIDE a top corporate hub in an open air even organised by a group of corporate fellowships....I began with this event and preached the Gospel....some of the young corporate pros who heard that 20 minute presentation sent me encouraging messages ... they still stay in touch with me... I am thrilled to note that the Lord is using them across the globe.... One pastor (saved from another faith and leading a Google Generation church presently) who heard this presentation urged me to put subtitles on this message - shot with a simple handy cam without special mikes to enhance audio - as he felt that message, though preached in 2008 - will continue to impact people and bring them to foot of the Cross. And I worked on it and now we have the same message with English subtitles (from the time I start the message - first few seconds show the audience of corporate pros). Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AeXiZcf_RU. Apart from this I also wrote a Gospel presentation based on what Constable Omble did on 26/11/2008. You can read it here: http://purposespot.blogspot.com/2016/12/what-constable-omble-heroically-did-on_16.html - Duke Jeayraj, www.dukev.org / +91-8886040605

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