Duke Jeyaraj

    How should a husband treat his wife? What does the Bible say? This morning I was reading I Samuel 12. There in the awesome Spirit-inspired parable which Prophet Nathan narrated to drive some sense to the adulterous King David, he compares a wife to 'little ewe lamb' who was 'like a daughter to him' (2 Sam. 12:2 NIV). I call this parable as "the mutton biriyani preparation story" in my messages! The phrase Nathan used in 2 Samuel 12:2 set me thinking. Dad's need no inspiration to love their daughters. At least, I don't. "Datasha, come here!" I say. "Come and sit on my lap!" I continue. This is a daily, delightful drill, for me. I keep thinking of silly jokes that are original that I narrate to make laugh till her stomach ached. I think of the gifts I leave on her bed which she will open her eyes to, at times. Here in 2 Samuel 12 through this Nathan parable, God was telling me that is how I should treat my wife as well: give an overdose of non-sexual touches (the place for sexual touch between husband and wife is certainly there as well, but ONLY AFTER an overdose of non-sexual touches), make her laugh, etc. etc. That was the route to a happy wife and consequently a happy life!!!!

    (Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Gen from Gehenna Mission, the G4 Mission. Watch Duke's message at www.youtube.com/visitduke. Read Duke's articles at www.dukewords.wordpress.com. Listen to Duke's messages at www.soundcloud.com/shoutaloud).

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