A Poetic Stop by Duke Jeyaraj

    At Gethsamene -
    Would Jesus toss away the Cross?
    Would he, 100% God as well as 100% human, allow the natural human tendency to avoid pain, skip the Cross and choose to be his own boss?
    Or would he surrender to His Father's Will and prepare to die for each one, including the New Zealand cricketer Taylor, whose first name is Ross?
    And a model named Kate Moss and India's Ramadoss?
    And as he surrendered to His Father's Will to go from Gethsamene to Golgotha Hill, Jesus experienced a sweat and blood loss!
    That each one of us is a sinner headed to hell is a fact over which we can't, over which, gloss!
    A cleansing from His blood after repentance is the only thing which will remove all our sins and dross!
    Abandon today that cunning-dirty-deceiver's Satan's camp and by faith into the joy-giving Jesus' camp, right-now, criss-cross!

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