Duke Jeyaraj started a series called Lent in One Minute (1 minute message on the theme of the Cross/Suffering of Jesus/etc. Here are the videos (18 at the point of writing) on this Youtube playlist:


    (If you want these videos delivered to your phone via WhatsApp everyday as they are released by Duke send a message to +91-8886040605.

    On March 8, 2020, Duke joined Sunny K in the video shoot work. Two more videos on the Short Videos on Hot Topics:

    Mission History Votes Against The Immortality on Earth (No Death for Believers Cult):


    Is the Corona Virus God's Judgement Upon China? Duke Jeyaraj answers:

    Duke gave a rebuttal of the main teachings of the Immortality on Earth cult spearheaded by two pastors - one from Chennai and another from Madurai in this article:


    A popular worship leader said he plans to live 150 to 200 years and Duke's rebuttal was via this Instagram post which can be seen here:


    Duke's book Straight Talk is with the publisher Word of Christ right now. It should be shortly released. The cover wrapper preparation work is being done. This book brings frank Bible teaching for teens, youth, modern young working pros, single, married on topics ranging from sex, love, marriage, porn-temptation, phone-addiction, etc. Several key Fulltime Christian leaders and marketplace ministry leaders have given endorsements for this book.



    www.dukev.org (our new all-in-one ministry website)

    www.facebook.com/googleduke (our ministry updates on FB)

    www.google.com/+googledukeG4Mission (our ministry on Google Plus)

    www.soundcloud.com/shoutaloud (our audio messages link).

    www.youtube.com/visitduke (our video messages link).

    +91-8886040605 (WhatsApp phone number linked to Duke).

    www.g-4mission.blogspot.com (our ministry news with pics).

    www.purposespot.blogspot.com (our Gospel presentations).

    www.scribd.com/duke_jeyaraj (our Bible Teaching articles in PDF).

    www.flipsnack.com/dukejeyaraj (our mags/books/tracts as flipbooks)

    www.issuu.com/dukejeyaraj (our mags/books/tracts as flipbooks)

    WHO IS ?

    Duke is a full-time, itinerant, presenter/writer of Truths from the Bible to the Google Generation (the present-day people, the Youtube Youth, the Facebook Folks, the Twitter Troupe) who operates from out of his base in Hyderabad, India, and is someone who ministers cutting across denominational or organizational barriers. Yes, He is a Vineyard Worker among the Vine (the short video site) Generation!

    Duke holds a Bachelor of Technology degree (from Allahabad University), a Masters in Divinity Degree (from Southern Asia Bible College), Master of Arts in Christianity (from University of Mysore) and a Doctor of Ministry degree (from Southern Asia Bible College). His doctoral project specialization was on ministry to today's techies - the IT/ITES/BPO/Call Center professionals.

    He founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna (hell in Greek) Mission (G4 Mission) in February 2006 to creatively reach out to the Google Generation. This ministry, which Duke and his wife work for full-time, is supported by individual Indians who have been blessed by his preaching and writing ministry, and NOT by any particular organisation or group. This ministry is run on a day-to-day basis with the help of volunteers - you can be one such volunteer!

    In case you want to, you could read the blogpost, "Just who is Duke Jeyaraj" here: http://g-4mission.blogspot.in/2011/01/just-who-is-duke-jeyaraj.html

    Mobile Phone: +91-888-604-0-605. Leave a message please if Duke is not able to pick up. Thank you! Alternative Number: +91-8885075888.


    www.PurposeSpot.Blogspot.com - Gospel presentations of Duke around contemporary events Jesus style (Luke 13:1-5), Paul style (Acts 17).

    http://www.scribd.com/duke_jeyaraj - Bible Teaching PDFs of Duke Jeyaraj & Previous issues of The Days of Your Youth in the PDF format.

    www.FreshBibleStudy.wordpress.com - still-raw, unedited sermon/Bible Study outlines of Duke.

    www.twitter.com/dukejeyaraj - Follow Duke as he wraps Bible Truth around contemporary events in just 280 characters here.


    www.facebook.com/googleDuke - regular ministry update feeds with pictures; interesting articles of Duke posted around pics. You could choose to 'like' this page.

    www.youtube.com/VisitDuke - click here to see down-to-earth, daring message video clips of Duke Jeyaraj on hot yet hushed subjects like salvation, sex, love, marriage, missions, Bible Book Practical Summaries and more here. Over 300,000 hits on this channel!


    www.soundcloud.com/ShoutAloud - click here listen to Duke's bubbly, bold, blunt, biblical messages and terrific truth takes on taboo topics in the audio format here. Channel named after Isa. 58:1 ("shout aloud to the house of Jacob, their transgressions!"). Over 75,000 hits on this new channel now.


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