• Duke Jeyaraj

    Dad (Duke) and Son (Dale) combine to give commentary in the unforgettable heart-break Indian failed chase of 240 in the World Cup Semis 2019 versus New Zealand (and sign off with a Bible lesson) (shoot done on 17 April):


    Princy Erastus, our volunteer, worked hard, to digitize (type) the Tamil translated article of Duke that brings fresh Bible lessons from the character of Ruth on wise life partner choice and blessed/joyous married life using acronym R-U-T-H (part of Duke's book, Straight Talk and Tamil translation was done by Mrs. Angel Ravindran, Trichy). You can read that Tamil article here:


    Datasha Duke, our daughter, 12 years, reads 3 John (the Bible book) in The Voice version and summarizes its message in 1 sentence (shoot done on 17 April):

    How long with this Corona Pandemic last? How long will my problem last?
    A short Bible devotion and prayer time with Evangelin Duke (shoot done on 17 April)


    This video of where talks about the prophecy in Jeremiah 7:30-34 and how it has a lesson for us, here and now, rather than raise speculation about the Italy Corona Virus situation and the place named Topheth there has garnered 59,000 hits. Read the comments and praise God for the generally-positive impact this Corona Lockdown Family Bible Study of ours done on 31 March has impacted people world over:


    On 19 April, Sunday, 2020, at 6 PM (IST) we will have a 'live' via Youtube (www.youtube.com/c/visitduke) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/dukejeyaraj) on the topic: The Numbers of the Book of Revelation: How They Have A Message For Us, Here and Now! ( teaches). Join us!

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