• Arul Johnson, our faithful tract distribution volunteer who works in the Corporate World leads in prayer post the road-side devotion after Tract Distribution on 28 Nov 2020.

    I just finished sharing a short devo calling for tract distribution starting with Maradona. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNzBe1JLzOo (do not mind the horns blaring). We both (Arul and I) gave out the Dhoni / Bubbly Gospel tract to a few in a bus stand. Overcoming Corona-fears some folks received what we gave! Sherry Roy narrowly missed joining us both. Earlier on, I shot a few videos for our Youtube channel playlist, "Short Videos on Hot Topics" with Sunny Karumanchi behind the lens. When everything else carries on as usual in this post-Corona/during-Corona world, why should Direct Evangelism take a backseat? - Duke Jeyaraj #Evangelism #Missions #PassionForLost

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