• A Chennai Cult pastor boldly says ‘Jesus will not come until a generation rises which beats death and practices immortality’.

    He quotes I Cor. 15:25-26 for the same. I am appalled people who follow him don’t even properly read the verses he quotes to defend his cultic, taking-people-to-hell false teachings! I Cor 15:25 says, ‘For He must reign until HE (Christ - not us, believers) has put all his enemies under his feet!” This verse is crystal-clear! Jesus - not us - will put all his enemies under his feet! And I Cor. 15:26 says, ‘The Last enemy to be destroyed is death!’ So the work of destroying the last enemy is also Jesus’ - not our work! He inaugurated the defeat of death during his first coming (John 11:25-26) and will complete it post his second coming (Rev 19 he comes publicly the second time and in Rev 21:4 only post that death no longer exists). Till then death will be a reality!!! - Duke Jeyaraj.

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