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    On Apr 30

    SANDWICH WAY OF READING ALL OF THE BIBLE IN 8 MONTHS STARTING FROM MAY 1, 2018 AND ENDING ON 31 DEC 2018 – A Bible Reading Plan Proposed by Duke Jeyaraj

    SANDWICH WAY OF READING ALL OF THE BIBLE IN 8 MONTHS STARTING FROM MAY 1, 2018 AND ENDING ON 31 DEC 2018 – A Bible Reading Plan Proposed by Duke Jeyaraj

    Since the Bible has 1189 chapters in total (approx 1200 chapters) you will have to read approximately 6 chapters a day to complete all of it in just 240 days (8 MONTHS).

    This year, STARTING MAY 1, 2018, we will read through all of the Bible, a little differently. We will read from different sections of the Bible, each day – Sandwich Scripture Reading Method, as Duke calls it. The Subway Way of Reading the Way (one of the many names for the Bible is ‘The Way’), as Duke labels it!

    We have 6 different sections in the Bible.

    They are:

    The Law Books Section - Genesis to Deuteronomy - 5 books - 187 chapters in total

    The Old Testament History Books Section - Joshua to Esther - 12 books - 249 chapters in all.

    The Poetry Books Section - Job to Song of Songs - 5 books in all - 243 chapters in all.

    The Prophetic Books Section - Isaiah to Malachi - 17 books in all – 250 chapters in all.

    The New Testament History Books Section - Matthew to Acts - 5 books in all – 117 chapters in all.

    The Letters Section - Romans to Revelation - 22 books – 143 chapters in all.

    That makes it a grand total of 1189 chapters, that includes 929 from the OT and 260 from the NT.

    Let us read 1 chapter each from one different section of the Bible! For example: On May 1st we will read, Genesis 1, Joshua 1, Job1, Isaiah 1, Mathew 1 and Romans 1 (6 chapters from six different Bible sections)! Once we exhaust one section, we will go back to the start of that section.

    The OT Poetry section has 243 chapters. So we will need 243 days to finish it. But we have at least 3 months with more than 30 days from May to Dec 2018 and so that problem is taken care of. The OT Prophetic section has 250 chapters in all. So during the fag end of Dec 2018, please read two chapters from this section and that will ensure we complete reading 250 OT Prophetic Book chapters in about 240 days (8 months!).

    Buy a highlighter pen (in a color you have not marked the Bible you plan to use for this daily exercise). Highlight atleast one verse from each chapter you read that speaks personally to you. You may share that verse or a thought from that verse on social media – Facebook or WhatsApp or Twitter or Instagram. This way you will not lose track of what you read. This regular highlighting will help you spot the new chapter from each Bible section you've got to read without much sweat as the days roll (you got to keep at it for 240 straight days and it has been my experience that without this regular highlighting, you may get lost).

    If you download a Bible App such as Youversion, you have the option of listening the chapters for that particular day to be read to you. As plan B you can do the relevant search on YouTube and hear audios of the chapters for any given day. Combining daily walking while listening (via headphones) to these 6 selected Bible chapters being read aloud from each Bible section t hrough any Bible app of your choice will have twin benefits: physical health and spiritual health!

    So, let us enjoy reading from every section of the Bible, every day! Reading God's Word, the Bible, which is compared to honey, repeatedly, would be a tasty experience - as tasty as eating a six layered sandwich! Sandwich and Scripture are connected. Did not the Lord Jesus say, "Man shall not live by bread alone?" (Matt. 4:4).

    (Dr. Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Gen from Gehenna Mission, the G4 Mission. This is a reader supported Indian ministry to presentday people. Find out more at www.dukev.org).

    Picture of Duke Jeyaraj shot by Alpheus Danson (April 2018). God bless you Danny! Go to

    http://www.alpheusdanson.com to see more of his incredible camera work.

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