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    On Mar 06


    Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

    There are 188 parts to Jesus' life in a Harmony of the Gospels I have. Starting from from this lent season (which was the 2017 season), I will tweet devotions from Jesus' life. I went upto 32 Tweets in the 2017 lent season. I will continue the same this lent season (the 2018 season). The Harmony of the Four Gospel I am using is by Orville E. Daniel (Baker Books, 1996). Each day's Tweet Devotion from Jesus' Life will appear on my Facebook timeline (www.facebook.com/dukejeyaraj), Google Plus timeline (

    https://plus.google.com/u/1/ +DukeJeyarajG4Mission) and be updated on the text around this photo.

    Day 1:
    Jesus' life is "carefully investagated" by a doctor inspired by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:3). It is not hear-say. Not a myth. #Jesus'LifeP1/188

    Day 2:
    Jesus wasn't perhaps a pre-term baby, but he certainly was pre-incarnate, he existed always.(Jn1:1).#JesusLifepart2/188

    Day 3:
    Jesus came for the good, bad, evil. That's why names such good Jehoshaphat, bad Uzziah & evil Manasseh in his genealogy. JesusLifepart3/188

    Day 4:
    "He(JohndeBapt)is never to take wine...." (Lk1:15). Saying 'no' 2 certain things positions us 2 'prepare a ppl 4 Jesus'(v17).JesusLifep4/188

    Day 5:
    "He'll reign over de house of Jacob(symbolic of believers)forever..."Lk 1:33. Jesus should reign over all parts of our lives.JesusLifeP5/188

    Day 6:
    Jesus made the still-in-the-womb John leap for joy(Luke1:44).ultimate joy-giver,He!My life of tomb, he did comb with joy!!JesusLifepart6/188

    Day 7:
    Zechariah prophecied, 'Horn of Salvation,Jesus,enables us to walk in holiness before him all our days'(Lk1:67,69,74,75). JesusLifePart7/188

    Day 8:
    Jesus came,not just 2 save us 4m ultimate sin(rejecting Him)but also from 'sins'(plural, sins=lies,lust,lootin,etc)(Mt1:21)#JesusLifep8/188

    Day 9:
    amazing humility of Jesus:He who came2offer us 'SalvationCloth'(Isa61:10),was willin 2 b wrapped in 'swaddling cloth'(Lk2:7)#JesusLifep9/188

    Day 10:
    Angels: Jesus as "Savior" & "Sovereign"(the Lord) (Lk 2:11). Jesus should be BOTH. Like Shepherds let us run toward Jesus! #JesusLifep10/188

    Day 11:
    Baby Jesus was circumcised (Luke 2:21). Jesus grew up as a Jewish male to fulfil prophecy and never to advocate any race’s supremacy over the other. JesusLifep11/188

    Day 12:
    Old Simeon's 'gold' on Jesus' uniqueness:others taught about salvation, while Jesus alone was salvation personified(Lk2:30).JesusLifep12/188

    Day 13:
    Jesus can either 'disturb' you (Herod disturbed,Mt2:3)or 'delight' you (Wisemen saw the star and were overjoyed,Mt3:10).JesusLifepart13/188

    Day 14:
    Furious Herod gave orders for killing of under-2 boys(Mt2:16). Anger & murder(with words & with weapons) oft go together.JesusLifePart14/188

    Day 15:
    Herod died long before the one he wished was dead, Jesus, died(Matt2:20). Ironies of life can catchup with any of us. JesusLifePart15/188

    Day 16:
    John the Bapt grew strong in "spirit"(Lk 1:80). Growing in spirit(inside) is more important than growing in sinews(outside).JesusLifeP16/188

    Day 17:
    Jesus "grew in height" like we all did,though he wasn't conceived like us all.He outgrew his clothes like us.Fullyhuman&God.JesusLifeP17/188

    Day 18:
    Jesus' parents assumed he was with em postJeru visit.Lk2:44.So busy with our gadgets dat v don't know what our kids are up2?JesusLifep18/188

    Day 19:
    Jesus found favor with both God&Man(Lk2:52). It's not just about gettin-along withGod but also about doing de same with ppl.JesusLifeP19/188

    Day 20:
    John lived in de desert b4 his public ministry(Lk1:80).&what he preachd post-that, Judgment Msgs,wasn't like dessert(sweet)!JesusLifeP20/188

    Day 21:
    Dos who don't preach de msg of repentance r "crooked" bcos John Bapt who did dis came 2 mak "straight paths" 4 Jesus(Mt3:3).JesusLifep21/188

    Day 22:
    John[BAPTIST]:repentance without evidence of FRUITS of REPENTANCE will land one in the FIRE[hell] for REPROBATES.Mt 3:8,10.JesusLifep22/188.

    Day 23:
    Jesus offers dos cling2him a dinner fork(Rv.3:20) &de winnowing fork of judgement to those who finally reject him(Matt3:12).JesusLifep23/166

    Day 24:
    Sinless Jesus took de Sinner's Q 2 b baptized(2 b an eg. 2 us)much b4 he went 2 de cross to b battered (&act out W.baptism)#JesusLifep24/18

    Day 25:
    Jesus with"wild animals"during temptation(Mk1:13).Prayin alone(eg. where WILD animals live)empowers us 2 tame WILD passions.JesusLifeP25/188

    Day 26:
    John the Baptist:Am Not worthy to untie Jesus' sandals (Jn 1:27). Hot-message preaching John was humble: a rare combination.JesusLifep26/188

    Day 27:
    Jn.1:32-Dove "remained" on Jesus.Following de HolySpirit(HS) Baptism,We must continue to celebrate de HS &cooperate with Him.JesusLife27/188

    Day 28:
    2 of John's disciples became Jesus' disciples after John pointed them to Jesus(Jn1:35-37)!Let's build His kingdom, not ours.JesusLifep28/188

    Day 29:
    1st lesson abt miracles is dat Jesus can't b arm-twisted 2 do a miracle 'now' ('my time not come'Jn2:4)OnlyRequestHim#Cana.#JesusLifep29/188

    Day 30:
    Jesus stayed with his mother,brothers, along with disciples for a few days(Jn. 2:12). Qualify family time is important. JesusLifePart30/188.

    Day 31:
    When furious Jesus overturned the tables in the Temple, it was an urgent call to overturn our attitude toward money(Jn2:15).JesusLifeP31/188

    Day 32:
    Jesus did not trust folks who trusted him after a miracle.These possibly fickle-minded folks weren't trustworthy(Jn2:23-25).JesusLifeP32/188

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