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    Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

    The Guardian reported that people spend about three hours a day on their smartphone (29 December 2016). While we spent a lot of time with our smartphones, do we even start an important thing like Bible-reading?

    Is there any challenge in the Bible that calls us to read the Bible DAILY? Indeed! Where?

    The first challenge to read the Bible daily comes from HEAVEN!

    During the wilderness journey of the Israelites, manna from heaven came down! The people of Israel had to collect the manna from heaven daily and consume it immediately (Ex. 16:3). The Bible is a Heaven-inspired book (2 Tim. 3:16). We must spend time daily in God’s Word, collecting God’s truth for us from it for our spiritual nourishment!

    We have a challenge from the PALACE, next, inspiring us to read the Bible daily!

    The King of Israel were called to acquire a copy of the Laws of God and read it daily, the Law of Moses proclaimed (Dt 17:18-19). In the New Testament, aren’t we the kings, as we are called the royal priesthood (I Pet. 2:9)? Should we also not read God’s Word daily so that we will know how to behave in his Kingdom and extend his rule on earth daily?!

    The third challenge for daily Bible reading comes from the TEMPLE! Jesus had this noticeable habit of going to the Temple, and teaching there daily (Lk 19:47; Matt 26:55). He taught in the Temple daily as if to tell us that we should take efforts to be exposed to his words daily and lap them up!!!

    The fourth challenge for daily Bible reading comes from the PRAYER-CLOSET! Jesus taught us to pray for our “daily bread” (Luke 11:3). As much as we need physical bread we need spiritual bread, don’t we? Don’t we need it daily?

    The fifth challenge for daily Bible reading comes from the HOUSE!

    The believers of Berea, went HOME and checked up the Word of God daily (Acts 17:11). Why? They wanted to check if the spoken Word of God preached by the apostles was according to what was written Word of God!

    If we read three chapters of the Bible on weekdays (Monday through Friday) and four chapters in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), we can complete reading the full Bible in a single year! Why not try that this year?!

    (Dr. Duke Jeyaraj, the author, finished his B. Tech. in SHUATS in 1997 and a Doctor of Ministry in SABC in 2014. He founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission in 2006. He has preached in over 20 Indian States and in a few nations. He lives in Hyderabad with his wife and two children. Find out more at

    www.dukev.org ).

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