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    On Dec 31


    Brief Annual Report of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, the G4 Mission, the ministry of Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke.

    2017 was indeed a blessed year of ministry for us at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission. We reached out to the Google Generation through a pulpit and print ministry, through tracts-outreach and technology-enabled outreach this year.

    In the month of January 2017, Evangelin Duke preached a stirring message “Tonight Can Be Your Miracle Night” from the life of King Hezekiah to fasting believers of the New Life AG Church, Hyderabad, following Rev. Younus Samuel's invitiation. Believers were encouraged. Duke, on Sunday afternoons, of this month, taught believers of New Life AG Church, Hyderabad. He summarised Wisdom Literature books of the Old Testament using his trade-mark acronym style.

    In the month of February 2017, Duke Jeyaraj shared a Bible Study titled “The Longest Book On The Hottest Topics”. It was a study on what the longest Bible book in terms of words, the book of Jeremiah, had to teach about topics such as sex, love and marriage and such hot topics. People from the Corporate world (including Microsoft) were there. Ashwin Emmanuel hosted this study in his 22nd floor flat in Mantri Celestia in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Corporate folk were edified.

    In the month of March 2017, the entire Duke Jeyaraj family was in the country of Oman following the invitation of Uncle D. Stanley. Another video uploaded on Duke’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/visitduke (which crossed over 3 lakh hits this year) was recorded there! The YouTube Generation were touched. This month, the official magazine of Center for Global Leadership Development (SABC) published Duke’s article, Walking In The Spirit To Beat Sexual Temptation. In the same month, Duke was invited by Pas. Peter Samuel to preach to the youth of the Bethel Church in Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad. Duke did a Q and A message on Relationships. Duke was invited back by the same church, twice this year - once to preach to the corporate pros of this church and a another time to preach to the youth of the church. Duke spoke on the perils of smartphone addiction from a biblical standpoint. The response to the altar call given was encouraging.

    In the month of April 2017, along with G4 Mission volunteers, Duke Jeyaraj gave out tracts to spectators who came to watch a IPL Match in Hyderabad. This was just one of the different places that Duke and his team gave out the Bubbly/Dhoni tract this year. This year we also updated and republished the Dhoni wala tract (all-color now). Ravi Alamothu our volunteer who works with HSBC Bangalore was the deft designer. Gospel seeds were sown among the totally unevangelised. This was the month, Duke address over a 100 medical college students in a day-long retreat in Guntur. It was a sight of sore eyes, to see medical college students come forward, kneel down and give their lives to Jesus following one of the altar calls. Dr. Murali and Dr. Christy-Dr.Ramya warmly invited Duke for this program.

    In the month of May 2017, Evangelin Duke preached a devotion from the book of Job to the alumni of Voohrees College in Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. Duke Jeyaraj and Evangelin Duke preached God’s Word in the Kozhikode AG following an invitation from South India Assemblies of God General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. V. T. Abraham. In the same month, Duke was invited to preach by Rev. Stanley Manickaraj, the senior pastor of the Vellore-6 AG Church in Vellore. Duke’s message from the book of Amos on being a courageous witness blessed the believers. Believers were strengthened. Evangelin Duke, in the month of May, preached in a CSI Church in Vellore. Our ministry remains inter-denominational.

    In the month of June 2017, Duke Jeyaraj dispatched The Days of Your Youth magazine, with the lead article from the life of Mordecai, If Mordecai Was In Shanghai. This magazine also had Duke’s article that presented one more reason to say ‘no’ to porn-watching (from the works of non-believers!). Eugene Pandian, Duke’s college contemporary’s design work for this mag was elegant. Bible Truth was creatively presented in print! The Dukes were in Sunabeda Public School in Odisha for special meetings for youth, women and church believers following an invitation from uncle Ashok Ambrose. The scenes at the altar was moving. Believers were revived. In this month, Duke travelled to the Rajahmandry area of Andhra Pradesh following Pastor Vara Prasad Yadav’s invitation to minister to over 1000 believers.

    Following Gershom Arul’s invitation, in the month of July 2017, Duke Jeyaraj published a devotion for YouVersion, one of the most popular Bible apps available for smartphone/tab users, on the topic of sexting. Over 190,000 people have read Duke’s Bible Devotions, potentially, on this app over the years. World-over, believers who use Gadgets were touched in some way. By the year-end, Duke converted some of his text-only Bible devotion plans with YouVersion to audio. His most-recent YouVersion Bible Devotion plan is this: Beating Sexual Temptation: The Bible Way Practically Explained.

    In the month of August 2017, Duke Jeyaraj ministered in the Good Samaritan Fellowship Church in Madurai in Malini akka’s (Mrs. Malini Prabakar’s) concert and in the Sunday Services. One of his messages were titled, “False Teachers So Dangerous That Were Named In The New Testament And Their Resemblance To Today’s False Teachers!” Duke also preached in the Metropolitan Mission, Vijayawada’s Church Believers Retreat in the same month. Church Believers were warned against dangerous false doctrines like the hyper-grace cult false doctrine. The board of G4 Mission also met this month. Mission accounts were submitted. Before the year-end, accounts were audited and submitted to the Government. We also received the acknowledgement from the Government. Duke is also part of a peer accountability WhatsApp group which met twice this year. This group (with mostly pastors, evangelists and Bible scholars involved in the English ministry in Chennai) serves as a check for Duke and he is grateful.

    In the month of September 2017 Duke Jeyaraj preached in the AG Church in Goa led by Rev. Stephen Mendes. Duke’s message on Come-What-May Commitment was one of his finest messages for church believers (according to his best critic, his dear wife, Evangelin Duke). Duke also preached a missionary challenge message titled, “How Every Major Doctrine of the Bible is A Missionary Call” to believers of Hyderabad in the 2017 New Life AG Mission Conference in Secunderabad. Duke Jeyaraj serves as an honorary member of this church’s mission committee, following Senior Founding Pastor Sis. Arlene Stubbs’ invitation. Believers were challenged to make their one life count! In the same month, Duke and Evan ministered in the city of Hubli in Karnataka. Bro. Anand of SFJ Foundation organised the meetings. A few hundred school students heard the Gospel presented clearly to them, wrapped around a motivational-talk. A clip from Duke’s message this month titled, “Why Porn-Watching Is Sin? Duke Jeyaraj answers in less than a minute” was went viral via WhatsApp. Deborah Wesley, a young mom living in Bangalore, was our WhatsApp content volunteer this year. Our ministry runs because of faithful volunteers like these.

    In the month of October 2017, Duke Jeyaraj continued his once-in-two-months Bible Study in the centrally-located-in-Hyderabad flat of Daniel-Magdalene in Somajiguda. He taught the doctrine of Salvation against the backdrop of the story of the Protestant Reformation (which was celebrating its 500th anniversary on 31 October 2017). Duke preached from the life of Martin Luther to a church audience led by Pas Samson in Bolarum, Secunderabad, in the same month. Lessons from history were used as an inspiration for revival! In this month, Duke preached to believers of different CSI churches in Hyderabad on the topic of missions following Rev. Jothiraj’s invitation. In the month of October Duke Jeyaraj wrote an article that called believer youth to marry believers from Genesis 34 (the story of Dinah rape). This article started off with the Christian-Hindu marriage of movie stars Samantha-Naga Chaitanya. This article which was uploaded onto Duke’s Facebook Ministry page (www.facebook.com/googleduke) saw over 10,000 hits. By this month, all the printed copies of Duke’s popular book, No Beating About The Bush Straight Talk, were sold-out. Earlier this year, Duke’s book of Gospel messages, The Goodnews for the Google Generation, was also fully sold-out. We need to reprint both these books and Duke is exploring various options, including the option of publishing it with a Christian Publisher after updation.

    In the month of November 2017, Duke Jeyaraj wrote articles for AIM Magazine, published by Evangelical Fellowship of India, New Delhi, and Light of Life Magazine, Mumbai, on the topic of Blue Whale Suicides. Uncle R. Stanley gave Duke the idea to write this article. The Goodnews was shared in print form wrapped around a burning issue Jesus-style (Luke 13:1-5) and Paul style (Acts 17). In the month of November, Duke preached in a USA-Send-off Prayer Meeting a message titled, “How An Indian Can Glorify God In America: The Bible Answer Put In Acronym A-M-E-R-I-C-A”. This event was telecast Facebook Live. The online audience was several times bigger than the live audience!! A Facebook video clip of Duke hitting the poisonous hyper-grace teaching from 2 Timothy uploaded this month saw over 850 views (The live audience was less than 30!).

    In the month of December 2017, Duke Jeyaraj preached in two Medical College Christmas Gospel programs in Eluru and Khammam. Around 800 medical college students heard an uncompromising presentation of the Gospel wrapped around contemporary events of interest. Some prayed the sinner’s prayer with Duke at the end of the message. You can listen to his message now in Duke’s SoundCloud channel here:

    https://soundcloud.com/shoutaloud/arjunreddygoodnewsdukejeyaraj. Duke’s SoundCloud Channel, www.soundcloud.com/shoutaloud crossed 75,000 hits this year. In the month of December, from the 1st till the 21st, Duke wrote twitter/facebook devotion for the Google Generation with a Christmas theme. He did another Twitter/Facebook daily devotion from October 1-31, 2017, on the topic of the Protestant Reformation.

    At the year ends, the next issue of our magazine, The Days of Your Youth is almost ready to go to the press (text work completed). We thank God for volunteers who do text editing like Percy John, Lima Eugene, Dale Duke, Deborah Wesley, Stephen Jothiraj, and Hepsibah Paul.It is rare to find ministry volunteers for a small-size, no-exposure-to-a-big-platform-stage ministry like ours, but God always provides us with such volunteers, year after year!

    These programs/activities are just high-lights from the ministry of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission which Duke and Evan founded in the year 2006. Other ministries like counseling young married couples in crisis, confused-about-life-partner choice, struggling-with-sexual-sin singles from the corporate world were carried out by Evangelin Duke and Duke Jeyaraj during this year. Duke also preached in small house fellowships in Gachibowli, Secunderabad, Goa, Chennai and Vellore this year. Here is one topic he chose to speak on in these house fellowship: When Jesus Used Exaggeration To Drive Home Spiritual Lessons (Listen to it here:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q74Yx0pvqM ).

    We thank God for each person who sent us an offering this year. These folk are Indians blessed by Duke’s ministry moved by the Holy Spirit. We thank God for gadgets/goods we received through the giving of God’s people this year. A large screen TV which serves to display prayer points and songs in the Fountain of Tears Against Mountain of Fears Fasting Prayer at our home/base is one such addition as is a Blackberry Passport Smartphone.

    Even this year, we continued to give from what we received to our local church and the larger organization it represents regularly. We also gave to other servants of God whose ministries we are led to bless.

    Find out more at www.dukev.org or by liking www.facebook.com/dukebook or www.facebook.com/googleduke or sending a WhatsApp message to +91-8886040605 or +91-8885075888

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