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    Duke Jeyaraj's practical, short devotions via www.twitter.com/dukejeyaraj to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation which culminates on the 31st October, the exact day on which Martin Luther nailed his 95 Biblical arguments of protest against the Roman Catholic Church. Note: Each day's devotion will be shared as a comment on Facebook and via www.google.com/+dukejeyarajg4mission. Each day's devotion will be posted via edit option wrapped around this picture itself.

    Day 1 - October 1, 2017
    "The continued study of Scripture" led Martin Luther to start the Protestant Reformation.Let's study Bible#5hundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo1

    Day 2 - October 2, 2017
    Luther protested against SALE of 'indulgences'(paper certificates that promised forgiveness of sins').Forgiveness,based on Cross,not ''cost" #5HundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo2

    Day 3 - Oct 3, 2017
    Full Bible translatd in2 German in 1534 was de gr8est achievement of Luther.1.5 billion ppl r without de full Bible in der 1st language 2day #FiveHundredAfterLutherThundered Devo3.

    Day 4, Oct 4, 2017 -
    Luther stood 4 Priesthood of ALL believers. God's work can b done both by reverends & rickshawpullers alike,pastors & potters alike(1Pet2:9) #fivehundredafterLutherThunderedDevo4

    Day 5, Oct 5, 2017
    Luther worked with PHILIPP MELANCHTHON,a less charismatic but more organised man 14 yrs his junior in the reformation work.ThumbsUp4TeamWork #FiveHundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo5

    Day 6, Oct 5, 2017
    Luther's awakening against salvation thro works teaching came when he read Rom.1:17. Reading 3:7-8 & 6:1-2 gives us awakening against HyperGrace false teaching. #FiveHundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo6

    Day 7, Oct 7, 2017
    Luther angrily compared infiltrating,clandestine False Teachers 2 being worse than PIG STIES.Holy wrath w.r.t false teachers:need it!Gal5:12 #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered

    Day 8, Oct 8, 2017
    Martin Luther was called "drunken little monk" after he hammered the 95 arguments on church door. Stand up for God, persecution will follow!#FiveHundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo8

    Day 9, Oct 9, 2017
    "As soon as a coin in the coffer RINGS /the soul from purgatory SPRINGS''- so said Roman Catholic preacher Tetzel, promoting the practice of selling ''indulgences"(For offerings, 1. permission for those alive to sin while on earth, 2. and a guarantee for those dead while still unsaved, a place in heaven). Martin Luther protested against his unbiblical teaching and the result was the Protestant Reformation. If carefully chosen rhyming words can be use to promote WRONG Teaching, how much MORE can they be used to bring SOUND teaching? "...in EVERY way...make the teaching about God our Savior ATTRACTIVE," Apostle Paul said in Titus 2:10.#fivehundredSinceLutherThunderedDevo

    Day 10, Oct. 10, 2017
    Philip Melanchthon, the young theologian of the Protestant Reformation said, "It is faith in Christ alone which saves, but the faith that saves is not alone." That was the message of the book of James as well: faith without good/righteous works is dead (meaning, it was not true faith at all). James 2:17#FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDevoDay10

    Oct 11, Day 11
    While Martin Luther was flayed by Roman Catholic officials, he was supported by elector of Saxony (a state in Germany), Prince Fredrick III(someone like a CM of an Indian state). Unexpected support in unlikely times comes, very often, when you stand up for God and His Word. Luther will tell you. "The King's heart is in the hands of the Lord and he guides it as he guides a water-course"(Prov.21:1). So cheer up! And keep fighting anti-biblical/cultic teachings like Jehovah Witness teaching, hyper-grace teaching, etc. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDevo Day11

    Day 12, Oct 12, 2017
    When Luther was in his early twenties, a lightening-bolt struck a tree nearby him and just narrowly missed him. Luther sensed God speaking to him, through this event. He turned his back on a possible lucrative career in law (he was a great communicator) and he said "Yes" to the Divine Calling to study the Law of God. Don't we hear God speak to us through nature? The flowers tell us that our God is a creative God. The storms tell us that our God is a powerful God. Psalm 19:1-4 in the Bible expresses this truth beautifully: God’s glory is on tour in the skies,
    God-craft on exhibit across the horizon.
    Madame Day holds classes every morning,
    Professor Night lectures each evening.
    3-4 Their words aren’t heard,
    their voices aren’t recorded,
    But their silence fills the earth:
    unspoken truth is spoken everywhere. (The Message).

    Day 13, October 13, 2017
    After he refused to recant/take back what he taught about the wrong teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, Martin Luther had to travel back to the town he lived. A long travel. A dangerous travel. On the way, he was ''kidnapped". When he came to the place of his confinement, he was told that the Prince of his state who favored him, secretly arranged for this kidnapping knowing his life was in danger. Luther stayed in confinement and wrote books that further shaped the protestant reformation. If not for this prison-like confinement, Luther would not have found the time to write! All things work together for good! #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Day 13

    Oct 14, 2017 - Day 14
    Luther regularly fought-talked with the Devil. Theological revolutions involve devil fighting as we deal with those deceived by the devil. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Day14

    Oct 15, 2017 Devo
    No one knows who translated Martin Luther's written-in-Latin, hammered-on-church-door arguments against the Catholic church numbering 95, into easy-to-understand German, giving wings to the nascent Protestant Reformation. Thank God for unsung, unnamed heroes! In heaven great will be their reward! #fivehundredsincelutherthundered devo15

    Oct 16, 2017, Devo
    The atrocities he saw in Rome,sowed the seeds of Holy Anger in Luther to start reformation.Do we keeping sipping coffee after seeing evil? #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay16Devo

    Oct 17, 2017, Day 17
    Martin Luther read the Bible and understood that he could get married though he was in the fulltime ministry. Another revolution. Marriage is a training school to make us more like Jesus. The purpose of doing ministry is also the same. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Day17

    Oct 18, Day 18, Devotion
    Martin Luther built the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone from the Bible verse that is found in FOUR places in the Bible in four different books (Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 3:11; Hebrews 10:38) and cross-supported by famous Scriptures like Eph. 2:8-9 (It is by grace you are saved, not by works, lest any man should boast....). DON'T BUILD A DOCTRINE ON JUST ONE BIBLE VERSE. Jehovah Witnesses have done that. Children of God cult have done that. HyperGrace false teachers have done that. It's wrong. It's dangerous. That wrong doctrine can even take you to hell. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay18Devo

    Day 19, October 19, 2017
    In 1509, three years before Luther's arrival in Germany's Wittenberg, the elector of that state, Prince Fredrick had collected relics that when seen (of course after a receipt of a fee) supposedly would reduce the time a person spent in purgatory(a place no where mentioned in the Bible) and move that purgatory-dweller onto heaven, quicker. Some relics, Fredrick collected, included (believed to be) milk from virgin Mary, haystacks from the manger of Jesus and one piece of Gold brought to Jesus by the Wisemen. But then Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German and handed over the first copy of the same to Prince Fredrick in 1522 as if to say, "Relics will not save. But the Redeemer this New Testament speaks about will save. And, there is no place called purgatory." When the Word of God is lifted up, all superstitions will get hit for a Hardik Pandya Six! They would get washed away in the Scripture Storm. Why do still follow superstitions like, "marriage only to be done on ''good" days...", "widows should not bless newly wed couples....", "marry only within your caste...", "if a cat crosses that is a bad omen...." #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered DevoDay19 // www.dukev.org

    Day 20, Oct 20, 2017 Devo

    Duke Jeyaraj

    Larry D. Mansch, and Curtis Peters, wrote these following lines about the situation in Wittenberg, the place in Germany where the Roman Catholic Church, the door of which Martin Luther hammered his 95 biblical arguments against its unbiblical practices, five hundred years ago: “With princes throughout Europe. He (Fredrick the Political Ruler of that place) envisioned that visitors would flock to Wittenberg and pay for the privilege of viewing holy articles and thereby receive years off from their time in purgatory. In 1509, three years before arrival, Frederick's collection numbered an impressive 5,005 relics, including the thumb Of St. Anne, hay stalks from the manger of Jesus, milk from the Virgin Mary, a tooth of St. Jerome, one piece of gold brought to Bethlehem by Wise Men, a piece of bread eaten at the Last Supper, and a stone upon which Jesus had stood before he ascended into heaven. It was calculated that if a sinner paid the required fees and Viewed each and every relic on display, his purgatorial punishment would and the potential decrease in purgatory time totaled exactly 127,799 years and 116 days. Frederick's entire collection was put on public display each year on November first, All Saints Day…”

    On 31st October, 1517, five hundred years ago, Martin Luther on the eve of All Saints Day, hammered on the Wittenberg church door why such practices were soundly unscriptural – against the Bible. The teeming crowds in the venue saw his notice.

    The people in those Martin Luther days wrongly believed hell punishment could be REDUCED by an offering given on earth by relatives and loved ones. Hebrews 9:27 teaches only judgement awaits those who have died outside of a living, daily relationship with Jesus. There is no way those dead can be saved. Their punishment cannot be reduced ever.

    Hyper-Grace cult false teachers imply that God’s Judgement has been REMOVED totally post the Cross of Jesus. We read that in Acts 12 (a post-Cross passage) about how the Angel of the Lord sent death to proud Herod. So, we know, that God can send judgment even on this side of eternity to those stubborn in sin after giving enough chances.

    Those who believe in ANNIHILATION, a wrong Bible teaching that those who go to hell will stop existing. The Bible talks about eternal conscious suffering in Hell. The Rich Man who went to hell did not stop existing. He said, “I am tormented in this flame…” (Luke 16). As God lives “forever and ever,” (Revelation 4:9) those will the damned in hell suffer, “forever and ever” (Revelation 14:11) – this is a line which John F. Walvoord wrote I agree with, wholeheartedly. If we do not believe that those who go to hell will not suffer torment forever, we must agree that God will not exist forever, because the same root word is used in Revelation to describe the eternalness of God and eternalness of hell’s torment. That is not possible. Eternal conscious punishment awaits those who reject Jesus here on this earth.

    That is one reason, we need to tell everyone when they are ALIVE about Jesus! We can’t procrastinate that work, because ANY ONE of US can die ANY TIME and after death there is no chance for salvation. #FiveHunderedAfterLutherThundered Day20Devo. – www.dukev.org

    Oct 21, Devo No. 21
    Martin Luther was not perfect. At one point, he wanted one night to ponder over his stance against the teachings of the Catholic church, in a grilling meeting. He needed time to make up his mind, when the Catholic leaders called him to recant, take back his words. Maybe he was afraid. That night God dealt with him. He gained courage. He went to say the next: 'Here I stand.... I can't recant...my conscience captive to God's Word.' 'Though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again....' Prov. 24:16. Don't END your relationship with God when you fail like Judas did. MEND it like repentant weeping-bitterly Peter. #fivehundredsincelutherthundered #devo21

    Day 22, October 22
    When standing before Roman Catholic authorities Martin Luther apologised for the rude language he used in some of his writings against the wrong teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. He stood by the DOCTRINE he propagated. He did not back down from it. He did not recant. But to DELIVER that, he at times used uncouth language which his opponents used. He felt, at times, that he could have toned down the brutal language he used. He could have used graceful language to argue for “Salvation by grace, alone!” Apostle Paul writes, our conversation must be always full of grace, seasoned with salt (Col. 4:6). #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay22Devo

    October 23, Day 23
    Duke Jeyaraj
    Martin Luther, wrongly underestimated the value of the book of James in the Bible. He called that Bible book, "an epistle full of straw because it contains nothing evangelical" though admitting that book had several "excellent passages". I don't agree with this view of Luther. ALL Scripture is God-breathed, Apostle Paul wrote (2 Tim. 3:16). The book of James is also God-breathed and has vital lessons for us. One way to reconcile Paul's writings (which Luther loved and referred to often) and James' writings is to grasp this: while Paul referred to "works" that cannot save - he was referring to both the ceremonial law and the moral law; while James refers to "works", he refers to the moral law alone. Paul writes you are not saved by "works" (Eph. 2:9), he meant following the works of ceremonial as well as moral law cannot save. But after been saved, those saved had an obligation to follow the moral law. In same book - the book of Ephesians - Paul challenges already-saved people to follow the moral law. One example: do not lie, Paul writes (Eph. 4:25). That is not different from one of the 10 commandments of the Old Testament which says, "Do not bear false witness" (Exodus 20:16). But those already saved from Gentile background need not follow Old Testament ceremonial laws like circumcision, Paul teaches (See Eph. 2:11). James is responding to a distortion by a few poisonous false teachers of Paul's teaching of salvation by grace alone (which Martin Luther restored to the presentday church). These foxy folks said (or implied using spiritual sounding words), "Because you are saved by grace, that grace gives you the license to live as you like and you need not also follow/worry about the moral law!" (like what the dangerous, leading-people-to-hell-and-going-there-themselves-unless-they-repent-immediately, hyper-grace false teachers are doing these days). James, very passionately, calls for those already-saved to follow the moral law. For example, he challenges believers not to be partial (James 2:4).There are so many moral instructions for believers in the book of James: it has been called the proverbs of the New Testament! Following the moral law will not save us. But if a person is truly saved, he will strive to follow the moral law enabled by the Grace of God and the Spirit of God, with his active cooperation. He may not be perfect. But he will strive towards that perfection (one ''perfection" James calls us believers to strive for - taming of the tongue - read James 3). That's what book of James, drives home. James complements - never contradicts - Apostle Paul. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDevo23,

    Day 24, October 24
    As a student of University of Erfurt, Martin Luther saw a copy of the Bible for the first ever time - a Latin Bible. The first Bible story he read was that of Samuel. He kept reading. He prayed, "Lord, If you can give me a copy of the Bible for my own use, I would so grateful. I will ask you for no other wealth!" It would take years for this prayer of his to be answered. Till then, Luther devoured the library copy of the only Bible that was available to him. Does this anecdote from Luther's life speak to us who have multiple copies of the Bible. Bibles of different sizes. BIble in different font sizes - Giant Print, Large Print, Small Print. Bibles of different bindings - leather bound, hard bound. Bible in print, Bible online, Bible on the kindle. Do we treasure the Bible? Is it "more costly than gold" for us, as the Psalmist put it (Psa. 19:10)? Do we look at the Law of God "intently" (James 1:25)? #FiveHundredAfterLutherThunderedDevo24.

    Day25, Oct 25, 2017
    One of the reasons Martin Luther chose to hammer his 95 arguments on the church door against the wrong teachings of the Roman Catholic church on 31st October, 1517 was this: the following day - 1 November - was All Saints Day. Several people would arrive in Wittenberg where this church was located to celebrate that Day by praying to dead saints inspired by the sight of several things these saints used when they were alive (called relics). To ensure his call for true-to-the-Bible doctrine reached AS MANY AS POSSIBLE, Luther chose the eve of All Saints Day - 31st October. What about us? If there is a big crowd expected to gather in a place, do we look for ways to proclaim Christ somehow there? Atleast via Gospel Tract Distribution? Jesus told us to go to the highways and byways (areas where you would find a lot of people) and invite people for His Final Day Wedding Feast (Luke 14:23). A well-written Gospel tract is like an invitation for the Final Day Wedding Feast of Jesus - I see it that way! Also, do we use mediums such as Facebook to counter poisonous, leading-people-to-damnation false doctrines like the hyper-grace teaching? Commanding people not to preach false doctrine is a Divine-given mandate (I Tim. 1:3). #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Day25Devo

    Day 26, October 26, 2017
    Martin Luther fought for the doctrine of priesthood of all believers. He said, "all believers" - not just church priests/fathers - have the right to hear confession. All believers can share God's Word of judgement and grace with each other - not just the church father/priest - he maintained. He was soundly biblical. I Peter 2:9, Revelation 1:6, 5:10 and 20:6, Ex 19:6, Isa. 61:5-6 - these passages teach the priesthood of all believers. The basic meaning of this: all church believers can/must do the work of the church pastor!!! The pastor's work - preaching, teaching, counseling, praying for the sick, etc - can and must be done by EVERY BELIEVER!!! So, let us stop being mere seat-warmers in the Church. And become soldiers in Christ's army. Lead a carecell. Do village evangelism. Give tracts. Pray for the sick. Teach Sunday school. Go on a mission trip. Upload a Youtube video with a Bible-Truth sharing song/message/drama. Get involved somehow in Kingdom Work! Do something for Jesus! #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Day26

    Day 27, October 27, 2017
    Martin Luther endorsed the bigamous marriage of Philip of Hesse one of the promoters of the Protestant Reformation quoting Old Testament examples. Luther was clearly wrong in this regard. The Bible, not Luther, is the final court of appeal on all matters of belief and behavior. After having read the Old Testament in entirety Jesus summarized the view of God the father in New Testament this way: "a man will leave his father and shall cleave to his wife"(Matt. 19:5, quoting from Gen. 2:24). Jesus taught one man gets married to one woman and they both stay married till death. This was God's original plan which Jesus also endorsed. The apostles were called by Jesus to "teaching them to observe everything that Jesus commanded" (Matt. 28:20). And this is what they taught about marriage: for one husband, there is only one wife (I Tim. 3:2). This is very clear from both from Jesus' as well as the apostles' words that God's Will for New Testament saints was monogamy. In anycase, the bad examples of Old Testament (including things like POLYGAMY, obviously), Apostle Paul wrote SHOULD NOT BE FOLLOWED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT (Check out I Cor. 10:1-11, especially verse 11). Any other view of marriage came because of "hardness of man's heart" (Matt. 19:8). The are several New Testament passage that teaches us that hardness of heart by believers will not be excused by God (Eph. 4:18). Revelation 16:9,11 teaches refusal to repent (in other words, 'hardening of hearts' after knowing the truth will lead one to eternal damnation. #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay27Devo

    Day 28, October 28, 2017

    Duke Jeyaraj

    Martin Luther! Yes there are several things we love about him. His courage. His defiant spirit, his missionary spirit to get the Bible in common people's language etc. But there are things about Luther, which any Bible-believer should rightly loathe. This short devotion will talk about that. Luther wanted the political leaders of Germany to persecute the Jews. Mark A. Smith writes about this bizarre action of Luther this way: In his book On the Jews and Their Lies, Martin Luther instructed "our rulers who have Jewish subjects" to act like "a good physician who, when gangrene has set proceeds with-out mercy to cut, saw, and burn flesh, veins, bone, and marrow." Luther demanded that rulers burn down synagogues, raze and destroy Jews' houses, confiscate prayer books and Talmudic writings, and forbid rabbis to teach "on pain of loss of life and limb." I was stunned to read that, first! The person who wrote this was not Hitler, but Luther!!!

    Why did Luther want this? The reason was more wrongly understood theology than racial prejudice. He believed – based on some Scripture verses interpreted out of context – that God hardened the hearts of the Jews and there was no chance that they would be saved. What is the lesson for us?

    The Biblical prediction is clear: a remnant (a faithful few) among the Jews will be saved. I understand that from Scriptures such as Isaiah 59:20 – ‘“And a Redeemer will come to Zion, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression…” declares the Lord.’ Paul prayed for the salvation of Israel – the Jewish people. See Romans 10:1. He was doing what he would to “somehow save some”!! The context of “some” in Romans 11:14 implies this: Paul was busy in his efforts to somehow save some of the Jewish people – the people of Israel. When the Bible proclaims a faithful few from among the Jews will be saved, who was Martin Luther to order their killing? He should not have done that ever. It was a big blunder!!!

    What is the lesson for us from this anecdote from the latter part of Luther's life? Two lessons. 1. Read the Bible in context. Otherwise, blunders that will take us and our hearers to eternal damnation can easily result. 2. Do not hate any community, just because their interest in the Gospel is zero. Love everyone. Share the Gospel with everyone. The Bible teaches that a remnant of folks from every language, people, tribe and nation will be in heaven (Rev. 7:9). Therefore we have no excuse for hating any people group, caste group, person of a particular country. Let us not commit the blunder that Luther committed!

    Here is a true way to commemorate the Protestant Reformation: by repenting of all hatred! As a person from coastal Andhra repent of your ill-feelings to those from Telangana! Nadars should turn from their shameful caste-superiority feeling when it comes to marriage match-making! By God's grace I was able to raise above stupid caste consideration when it came to my life partner choice! (I am not saying those who have married within their caste have sinned - not at all!). Can we South Indian believers warmly embrace believers from North India? We must! Can whites in America love blacks without reservation? Can the vice-versa happen? Let us repent of our ultra-craze for fair skin! I prayed for that Lord would give me a daughter who would share my complexion - brown! And He did! Do we eat only with Christian friends in our company canteen, day after day? That is another shameful thing! Do we vote only for those who belong to our language-group, when there are other strong candidates who can do a better job? That's loathsome! Let's take a U-turn! Let's say 'bye' to bigotry and bias! Let us undergo a spiritual surgery to eke out every hint of sectarianism in our life! Let us flog the castigate the casteist inside of us with inspired by Christ and enabled by His Spirit who wrote in the Bible, "It makes no difference whether you are a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a freeman, a man or a woman, because in Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King, you are all one" (Gal. 3:28, The Voice)! #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay28,


    Day 29, October 29, 2017
    Duke Jeyaraj

    Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, "born within seven weeks of one another, were co-originators of the Protestant Reformation" writes Church History Professor Dr. John B. Payne. They agreed on several things. Things like, "Bible, not the Pope or anyone else was the final court of appeal for all matters of belief and behavior." Things like, "we are saved by faith in Christ alone." Yet they strongly disagreed with each other when it came to the Lord's Supper. While Luther believed that the Lord Jesus was PHYSICALLY AND ACTUALLY present when believers observed the Lord's Supper, Zwingli believed that Christ was present only IN A SPIRITUAL SENSE in the hearts of the Believers as He physically sat in heaven at the right hand of his father, post his ascension. Zwingli said Jesus' words, "This is my body...." in the classic communion-calling passage should be interpreted this way, "This signifies my body...." the same way, we don't take it that Jesus is literal vine, when he said, "I am the True Vine....". They also further disagreed on the METHOD of HOLY COMMUNION. Zwingli believed the communion items could be passed by the presiding pastor to chosen assistants who then could serve it to the congregation. Luther said the pastor had to serve the communion single-handedly to each one present, individually. Luther and Zwingli went back and forth on this matter. When they met in Marburg, Germany, on October 1-4, 1529, they found out that they they agreed on 14 matters of the Christian faith and theology, but on the 15th item - the one on Communion - they simply could not agree! So the Protestantism split into two major camps eventually: Lutheran (with Luther) and Presbyterian/Reformed Church/Congregationalists (with Zwingli). How sad! I believe, Luther and Zwingli could have thrown their doctrinal difference on the Lord's supper to the back-burner and continued to worked together. I will explain why I feel so in the next paragraph.

    What is the lesson in this for us as presentday believers? I believe we must agree to disagree on matters that do not concern one's eternal future. While we can discuss and debate any theological issue, we must recognize what is core issue and non-core issue. When hyper-grace teachers teach, "We do not have to confess our sins, when we sin as believers...." I fight it tooth and nail. Why? Because if we don't confess our sins, according to Scripture, our sins will remain unforgiven. And unforgiven people will go to hell. On the other hand, ïf someone teaches, "removing Jewels is a matter of consecration....I will not wear any Jewels....", I will not fight that tooth and nail. I might mention, "I disagree with you..." and quote a few Bible verses in support of my view. But at the end of the day, I will acknowledge that brother/sister is very much part of the body of Christ and that I will spend eternity with him/her. "And some of these things can be thrashed out after we get to heaven," I will tell that person with whom I have a difference on a subject which does not concern one's eternal destiny. BUT I CAN'T SAY THAT TO A BROTHER/SISTER WHO IS MAKING A BIG BLUNDER THAT CAN AFFECT A PERSON'S ETERNAL DESTINY.

    In conclusion, I want to quote Dr. Payne's unforgettable words about the Luther-Zwingli fight over the meaning and method of the Lord's Supper: "How ironical that the service of communion, which most dramatically depicts Christ’s prayer for Christian unity, would be the one point on which Luther and Zwingli would bitterly divide. But, that was unfortunately not the first, nor the last time for such division among Christians."

    As believers from different backgrounds and churches, let us unite for the task of evangelism and mission. Let us unite for the task of giving the Gospel to youth and calling them for holy living. But, let not simply watch when it comes to dealing with false doctrine that affects a person's eternal destiny like the hyper-grace cult doctrine, Jehovah Witness teaching, Children of God cult, etc.

    #FiveHundredSinceLutherThundered Devo29. - www.dukev.org

    Day 30, October 30, 2017
    There were Bibles in the German language before Martin Luther translated the Bible into simple, easy-to-understand, German. He wanted everyone - including the commoners of Germany - to read and understand God's Word. What a challenge for us to communicate God's Word in a way folks can understand! If we need to use a parable, current event, to make people grasp God's Word, like Jesus often did we need to go ahead and do it. If we need to use a secular poet's quote or what you saw in that location to make people go, "Yes, I get what you are saying..." when you share God's truths from the Bible like Apostle Paul did in Athens, we must do it! #FiveHundredSinceLutherThunderedDay30Devo

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